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Info E-mail:   Dimitriou & Associates Law Office is the exclusive member of the International Lawyers Network in Greece. It handles with professionalism all cases related with Greece.   A biketech theory: how to choose and build the best bike according to your body and style.   The original Zdarma website, lets you keep in touch with friends all over the world and share photos, comments and much more   DjPhilip a.k.a. Zdarman, Disco-House & Balearic Ambient Dj personal page. Contains photos and videos from all Zdarma parties and mp3 samples from a personal selection.   Morianova-Trasta Ballet school, the leading professional ballet school in Athens, Greece.   Located in Nea Makri, Greece, this marbles and granites importer provides a huge selection in his showroom.   Lace from Greece is about embroidery; Old technical Greek Lace made into patterns with museum value.