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Grass maintenance on spacious property.
Grass and rose bushes at a shady environment.
Ball tree, detail.
Different flowers at a rockery scene.

Mature climber.
Decorative flowers beside a pool.
Bushes decorating the edge of a veranda.
Pre-testing of garden sprinklers.

Example of designing and building a garden from scratch.
Careful transportation of a magnolia tree.
Planting of the tree at the correct position (accordingly the sprinklers are also set).
Tree planting.

Final alignment of earth, nurturing and landscaping.
Laying of ready made grass.
First watering of ready made grass.
View of the garden the first evening after laying the ready made grass.

View of a finishing touch beside a pool.
Right choice of plants for tougher climates.
Three different levels of green.
Corridor view.